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Saturday, March 14


Classrooms Where All Students are Challenged, and All Students Feel Safe RoomTamika Fluker Rethinking Pre-Assessments: Gathering Data with Equity in Mind RoomJenna Laib Unleashing the Power of the Math Practices through Routines, Tools & Great Questions RoomAlison J. Mello Use of Graphic Organizer(s) in Mathematical Instruction RoomCynthia Jones Manipulatives are for Middle School Too: Developing Conceptual Understanding in Grades 6-8 with Concrete Representations RoomKate Marin Teaching Proportional Reasoning Without Proportions RoomJohn Keogh Adventures in Coding and STEM in the Mathematics Classroom RoomRobyn Poulsen Building Math Thinkers RoomMarian Small Deep in Discussion: Facilitating Rich Conversations in the Mathematics Classroom RoomJessica Magalhaes Flipping the Mathematics Classroom RoomRobert Mayne Gerrymandering: An Accessible and Cross-Curricular Approach RoomChristopher Monschauer Hey, Circle! What Have You Done for Me Lately? RoomStephen Yurek Inspiring Stories About Proficiency Based Learning with ASSISTments from WPI RoomDawn Peterson Introduction to Desmos Activities RoomHeather Kohn My (Almost) Perfect Mathematics Classroom RoomRobyn Poulsen Student Identity in Action – Promoting Agency in the Math, Science and STEAM classrooms RoomChandra K. Smith How to Differentiate Math Practice with Freckle Math RoomDiane Houle It's as Much About the Follow-up as the Task RoomMarian Small Math Flips: Building Relational Thinking Using Flashcards RoomBerkeley Everett PBS LearningMedia: Media Integration into Math Instruction RoomCrystal Monteiro The Power and Versatility of Cuisenaire Rods RoomAnn Elise Record Title TBA RoomSteve Wyborney Getting More Bang for Your Buck with Playful Mathematics RoomTara Livolsi Unlocking Problem Solving for Early Math Scholars RoomChristine Hughes Distancing the Setting to Create Deep Learning: Using Visual Tools Effectively in the Classroom RoomSarah Hopson Open Middle Math in Elementary RoomMolly Rawding Increasing Your Students' Number Sense RoomKaren Walsh Fortin No More Tricks! RoomKristi Pramuka The Shift: “Revolutionizing the Way Students Learn Mathematic By Radically Changing the Way Teachers Teach It!” RoomNonye Obiora Building Math Confidence RoomSusie Scanapieco

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